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Planned projects for 2020

Solar Bulk Buy Project – REPAWA Dungog (formerly Dungog CORE)

With electricity costs rising over the last few years, many households and businesses are finding that creating their own electricity makes all the difference to energy affordability. But not everyone can readily find the money to install their own solar power system, despite equipment prices continuing to drop. So because some of us are missing out on this free, clean source of power, Sustaining the Williams Valley Inc is investigating the feasibility of a community-led solar bulk buy program for the Dungog Shire.

Being part of a community-led bulk buy program gives householders and businesses more than just a better price. We will do all the hard work (and research) for you. Our focus for the bulk-buys will be to negotiate the best possible discount on the highest of quality equipment and link in with the highest possible quality solar installers.

Our aim is the create a community-owned power network where all of the money spent on power stays in our local community.

We’ll do this by running solar bulk buy programs that will support local jobs, local suppliers, and local manufacturers.

How will we reach our aim

  • Step 1: Set up a solar bulk buy program for locals households and businesses to purchase solar and batteries at a discounted price
  • Step 2: Create and build a virtual power network that can be accessed by households and businesses in Patterson, Allyn, Williams River areas.
  • Step 3: Create infrastructure to enable local energy sharing.

Join our contact list

If you are interested in getting further information about the project or potentially interested in participating in the initial solar bulk buy purchase, please complete the online form you can access here.

Frank Robinson Park native habitat improvement works

SWV Inc have applied for funding through Landcare for further work to be undertaken at Frank Robinson Park. The work will involve over 1000 new plantings to greatly improve the native habitat in and around Frank Robinson Park.

Project site plan